Dollop Goes Green: NEW Compostable Packaging

We are making changes to reduce our environmental impact while making it easier for you to join us! Dollop has started a composting program at every cafe & is making the shift to 100% compostable packaging.

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Welcome to the Dollop Coffee Company

Established in 2005, we are the roasters of beans and bakers of bread. We grind, and we laminate the doughs. We are the concoctors of syrups, standard and seasonal. We have retail locations throughout the city of Chicago, IL, where we serve all that we produce. We pride ourselves on being consistently unique in our approach, from our cafe designs to our menus.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Fresh Roasted Coffee

Pretend your cat is your barista. Delicious Dollop coffee is now available, shipped to your home. You are the boss of you, and Mr. Whiskers is your barista if you say he is. Just keep us out of it.



Don Higinio and his wife Doña Aura purchased their first farm in 1988 starting with one hectare of land and now have expanded to over 70 hectares. They have used this time to cultivate some of the best coffees in Guatemala and continue to refine and try new things. This year's Pacamara is special, with bold notes of candied cherry, brown sugar, and hints of honey crisp apple.

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The Diversey Roasting Facility

Coffee roasting. Don’t try it at home. If you do, be safe! It’s more complicated than you think, and takes up a ton of space. Our buddy Brad tried coffee roasting at his place once, now he’s in jail. Anyway, just leave the roasting stuff to us! Click here to learn more about wholesaling delicious, professionally-roasted Dollop coffee.