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Dear friends and family,

Based on city mandated rules and common sense, Dollop will close our coffee shops for an unknown amount of time to help flatten the curve of the Coronavirus Pandemic. I will not be asking or telling our employees to work in our retail shops during this time, because I want to do our part in slowing the spread of the virus..and in turn helping our health care system keep pace in the treatment of truly sick people.

Our company will take a big hit. It is what it is, I will find a way forward. WIth that said, I am launching a temporary fundraiser of sorts for our amazing team.

All retail bags Purchased from our website will be 15.00 and all profits will go to our employees.

We will try this for the next 2 weeks and see if we can raise money to help with the uncertainty of when we will re-open. It’s the least that I can do because without them, this company is nothing. If we are to be closed longer than 2 weeks we will run this longer.

Maybe this will help you all as well, coffee delivered to you will be one less worry. You still need coffee – even if you have the stupid Coronavirus.

Love you all, see you in hopefully just a few weeks.Warmly,
Dan Weiss

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