The Guatemala Farms of Antigua come from our friends at Los Volcanes in Guatemala. We love their coffees every year and are always excited to share their coffees along with their stories. The producers that contribute to these lots are representative of the many different realities in Guatemala.  A large portion of this year’s Antigua Regional come from a community of 43 producers located on Volcan de Agua.  Josue Morales, our company founder and director, coordinates with community leaders Rafael Zamora and Alejandro Lopez to orchestrate the pick up of cherries in the towns of Alotenango, Ciudad Vieja, San Juan del Obispo, and Santa Maria de Jesus.  Trucks leave every morning and return in the evenings loaded with cherries which are then loaded into the mill at Beneficio la Esperanza.

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Region: Antigua
Elevation: 1550-1900 masl
Flavor Notes: Red Grapes, Milk Chocolate, Caramel

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